Which One Is Better- DTG Printing or Screen Printing?

Whether you are starting your clothing line or scaling your apparel business, you need to decide on a printing method that’ll satisfy your customer expectations and meet the business goals in the most effective ways. There are many options out there, but the two most popular are DTG (Direct to Garment) printing and Screen Printing.

These both printing methods produce stunningly beautiful graphics, designs, and letters. They also come with their own advantages. Here is a quick rundown of when to use DTG and screen printing:

What is DTG Printing?
Direct to garment printing is the novel printing method where ink heads shoot the required colour ink directly on the areas demanding ink exposure to bring out the picture desired in the garment making process. It comprises a platen designed for holding the garment in a fixed position.

This printing method uses aqueous textile inks that require a unique curing process. It must be noted that pre-treatment is generally applied to the garment before printing that allows the water-based ink for bonding more fully to the garment. It’s especially important when using white ink on dark garments.

What is Screen Printing?
Screen printing is the traditional printing method, where the screen is used to transfer the ink into the fabric to form the desired pattern. The screen constitutes of a mesh, counts for mesh count meaning the mesh count in the screen used to make a print on your garment will determine the extent to which deals will be highlighted via screen printing.

Screen Printing vs. DTG
In the printing process, prints are made
In screen printing, it makes use of stencils, whereas DTG printing uses computer programs to materialise direct prints.
DTG printing is suitable for detailed designs, while screen printing is preferred for simpler patterns.
In DTG, no large set up is required, though the screen printing demands large setup space and machinery.
The need for a high level of enthusiasm in the fabric is created by screen printing, whereas the satiate for detailed designs are fulfilled by direct to garment printing.

Screen Printing or DTG: Which One IS Better?
There is no such concept as one printing method is much better than others, because different printing methods are designed to cater to different needs and they also follow different lines of work patterns for putting the result as the final picture.

Screen printing fulfils a different need than DTG and each addsa different way to the product proposition. If you talk of the durability of the garment, there is no concept as one kind of print stand-in longevity than the other. While you can draw a line between DTG vs. screen printing, you can’t demarcate fabrics on the basis of one is better than others.

Generally, If you don’t take proper care of fabrics then fabrics having a DTG print will wear sooner than the screen printed ones and vice versa. So, it all depends on how you care for it.

These are some important things that you need to know about both the printing methods. You can choose any one of them according to your needs to meet the goals.