Modern embroidery machines use computer technology and special coloured threads to be able to recreate almost any logo onto a garment. Embroidery creates a hard wearing long lasting solution to decorated almost any garment.

Best for:

  • Hats, beanies, bags and pile fleece garments
  • Often used for corporate uniforms to give a professional look. Looks great on business shirts and polos
  • Modern machines allow runs from as 4 garments or hats to 1000’s

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Often referred to as DTF in the industry, digital transfers are great for decorating garments with multicolour designs or for short runs. To create a digital transfer we have a special printer that prints onto transfer film to be heat pressed onto the garment.
It is great for creating long lasting, bold, designs on almost any garments. For larger runs it is a slightly more expensive process than screen printing but is great at printing photographs or gradient colour prints on clothing and headwear.

Best for:

  • Printing smaller runs of less than 50 garments
  • Our go to process if we are printing less than 10 garments
  • Individual names or designs to go different garments
  • Printing photographs or multicolour gradient prints
  • For printing on wet weather gear and jackets
  • Long lasting and hard wearing

Heat Pressed Vinyl

Was the go to method for doing names and numbers on sports team uniforms, but these days we mainly use it for creating simple designs using specialty metalic foils and vinyls.
Best for:
Applying gold foils or reflective materials to garments.

Promotional Products

When it comes to promotional products we can get our hands onto almost anything, from the simplest things like pens and stickers through to blue tooth speakers, cooler bags, umbrellas and drink bottles. We work with a number of suppliers, who have an incredibly wide range of offerings, however delivery is often 4 to 6 weeks.


If you have a concept or an idea for anything we might print, but you are not sure how to design it, come talk to us. We have qualified designers on the team who can make your dream a reality.