Effective Reasons for Using Screen Printing in Today’s Times

Today, digital technology has transformed the graphic world and the electronic and interactive nature of digital media has offered new artistic frontiers and also create a different technique that expands and enhances the creativity in various forms that we all never imagined were possible.

Now, many new methods of printing have emerged and amongst them, but still in this digital age screen printing stands out on its own and is one of the most reliable methods that offer many advantages, as detailed below:

Unique and Authentic Output
Screen printing creates a unique visual output when compared to digital printing because the ink for screen printing is absorbed deeper and provide clear edges to the image. Screen printing is one of the best options for garment design because it requires a high level of vibrancy when printing on dark grounds.

Cost-Efficient & Suitable for Large Volumes
Compared to digital printing, screen printing is more cost-efficient and it can also create a large quantity of the design that you want at a fast turnaround. Using the screen printing process, a higher volume of identical graphics can also be mass-produced and it is the best printing option to use for larger options.

Very Versatile
There is a wide range of materials accommodated by screen printing such as vinyl, fabric, foam board, rigid plastic glass, metal, and metal others. In the screen printing, the printer can produce different products such as t-shirts, hats, banners, posters, wallpapers and others using the same screen. The distinctive shapes of products can also be designed by using this printing method.

Provides Long-lasting and High-Quality Results
Compared to digital printing, screen printing’s link ability to bond over the garment’s material results in a more durable and clearer image. The heat-dried screen printing ink is also durable and it is also able to handle repeat washing without fading or carding. Additives and coating can be added to the ink for making the screen printing resistant to UV rays, chemical, stretches and moisture.

These are some reasons for screen printing that continues to be the most popular method of printing in several commercial and retail applications.